Spanish Program

Beginner to Advanced

Course Description

Master the Spanish language through our world-renowned Complete Spanish course. The closest you’ll get to having a personal language tutor without being in a classroom.

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  • Obtained Skills:

    • Listening
    • Speaking
    • Writing
    • Reading
  • Our integral Spanish language course includes:

    Content: (90 Complete Units) 8 Books + 15 Audio CDs + Briefcase

    • 1 Study Guide - 1 Getting Started CD - 1 Textbook - 2 Illustrated Books - 1 Handbook
    • 1 Written Exercises Book - 1 Spoken Exercises Book - 1 Vocabulary Book - Further Practice
    • 14 Audio CDs
    • All presented in an attractive briefcase

Spanish program - Beginner to Advanced:

No previous language experience is required with Linguaphone’s highly acclaimed Spanish language course, which has helped thousands of people learn Spanish to an advanced level. Written by Spanish language experts and using native speakers, our Complete Spanish language course will give you good grounding in grammar, verb tenses and sentence structure needed to communicate effectively and confidently in Spanish.
This popular course covers a mixture of social, travel and business scenarios and includes a wide range of course material to help you master the Spanish language. You will also develop an active vocabulary of over 2000 Spanish words.

Language levels you will achieve:

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Sample topics covered:

- Sightseeing and asking for directions.
- Asking questions and ordering in a restaurant.
- Shopping.
- Visiting the doctor.

What you’ll learn:

- Over 2000 practical Spanish phrases and sayings.
- Master essential and detailed Spanish vocabulary.
- Ability to speak, listen and write advanced Spanish.
- Development of an authentic accent.